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The weekend before the 5-day weekend

We have 2 days of school this next week, and then a nice 5-day weekend. So I spent a stress-free day, which started with going into the school & turning off all of the servers. Why, you ask? Well, the KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) Switch got all screwy the other day and was preventing our backup server from booting. There were only 2 people on computers when we went in (Why??? Why was anyone at the school on Saturday morning????) but we kicked 'em off (nicely) and turned everything off & on again. And it looks like everything is now responding favorably to the KVM switch.

Dad and I then drove off (separately) to Troy and met at the Chinese Buffet for lunch. I let him pay cuz I only had enough for tip (which I gladly gave). The we parted - he onto Goodwill & the UPS Store, me onto Walmart, the bookstore, and the Piqua Mall. Walmart was where I picked up Madagascar & breakfast & got some cash. The bookstore was having it's 20% off sale, so I bought myself some books, got ideas for Christmas presents for me (so the parents can pick them up tomorrow when they go to the sale) and well, didn't find anything else for anyone else. Alas!

I headed off to the Piqua Mall and purchased a ticket for the 3:40 showing of Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, but still had an hour to kill. So I sat on a bench and read more from Terry Pratchett's Going Postal. (Good book, BTW.) I then stood in line to get into the theater and eventually found an empty seat in the aisle. (I'm not used to going to movies that other people see - it was almost claustrophobic!) We had 5 minutes of commercials and 15 minutes of previews. And then the movie. YAY! Great movie! IMO, the best yet. When I got home I called the parental units & said we had to go see it next weekend. I'm ready to watch it again. :-)

While I ate supper (chicken salad on Club crackers) Leo and I watched the extras for the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory deluxe DVD. Great extras. And I think I'm going to like the movie a lot more on the second viewing now that I know where it and the book differ. And let's face it, Deep Roy (all of the Oompa Loompas) kicks ass. :-)
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