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Winter has fallen here...

Well, although it's not as cold or as snowy for us as it is for itslarryagain, Winter has decided to arrive early. Yesterday was rainy & in the 60s (°F), today it was low 30s (again °F) with a very light snow flurrying around. Still, I was dressed for the chilly weather and enjoyed the light snow. (I'm a snow freak, so there ya go).

As I was walking home, I thought about what the chill weather promises. We've got Thanksgiving coming soon (yay - 5 day week and nowhere to go! I might even update my web pages!) Then there's Christmas & New Years & the overdose on family (which I also enjoy). Then (and maybe before then) promises of snow storms & lots of snowfall. Not terribly fond of ice storms (which we get plenty of in Ohio) but I love snow. Pretty to look at, pretty to walk through, hell to shovel. Hot chocolate, warm soups, lotsa blankets on the bed. Kitty cat on my lap while I read for an evening. Yup, it's nice that winter is on its way.
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