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Design My Jack-O'-Lantern Contest!

I have purchased my pumpkin for this year's Halloween Jack-O'-Lantern, but I was lost of ideas on its design. So I had this inspired idea - why not let my friends design it? I have many talented artists on my friend's lists, and even not-so-good artists can design a decent Jack-O'-Lantern (witness my previous ones, for instance). I apologize that I haven't given you much time for designing it. Rather than having Beggar's Night (AKA Trick or Treat) on Oct 31st like any sensible town would, my town (indeed, most of the county towns) has Beggar's Night another night. And for us, this year, it's Thursday. In order to have my friends' list vote on the entries, all entries will need to be in by Wednesday. And Thursday after school, I'll see who won & carve my pumpkin to the best of my ability. Disclaimer: My carving skills are not all that honed, so the resulting Jack-O'-Lantern may have only a passing resemblance to the original design! But I'll do my best to do it justice.

So, onto the contest rules:

  1. Check out the photo of my pumpkin below the LJ-cut. That will give you an idea of the shape. You can even use the photo to draw your design on (let's hear it for Paint - yay!).

  2. Create your Jack-O'-Lantern design using whatever means necessary. Like I mentioned in the previous rule, you can use the original photo if you wish, or you can draw it on paper & scan it in, or use Photoshop or whatever software program you draw with. You can even cut it out in construction paper & glue it all together, but it still needs to be scanned in so I & the voters can see it.

  3. The design MUST be a face. I think the scenic ones are cool and everything, but for me, Jack's gotta have a face.

  4. You can send me your entry a number of ways. E-mail it to me. Post it as a comment to this journal entry. Send it over IRC. Post it in your own journal. Do whatever you need to get the image to me.

  5. Wednesday morning (6:30am EDT) is the deadline for all entries. I will put them all together in a single post for that day and create a voting poll.

  6. Voting will continue until Thursday after work (4pm EDT). The most voted upon entry will be the winner. Remember to vote early & often! ;-)

  7. I shall do my darnedest from 4pm until 6pm to carve the pumpkin to resemble the winning entry. See disclaimer above.

Contest pumpkin
This is the pumpkin to be carved. Design away!

You're welcome to contribute more than one entry if you wish. If you have kids who want to do the design, that's OK too. I'm looking forward to the designs you folks will come up with!
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