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Post Op Update

Thanks to all for their kind & supporting comments on my last post re: wisdom teeth extraction.

The teeth are out. The gauze is being replaced every 15 minutes (or whenever I wake up). The Vicodin & Amoxacillin were taken at 3pm. I have a dull throb of pain, but nothing horrible. And I've slept through two movies so far. :-)

Alfie, with Jude Law, I only rented for the eye candy. I missed most of the beginning but saw the end. Mmmmm, Jude Law. That's all I wanted from that flick.

Team America, World Police. Ah, if only I'd been asleep during the big vomit scene. Still, the bits I saw were silly, violent, and fun.

I'll go put on another flick & drift in and out of sleep again. They're helping me sleep, which is good. And if I find any that I think I'd like to see again, well I have 'em until Tuesday!
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