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Under the Knife - gah!

Tomorrow (or rather, later this morning) I shall be knocked out for the first time in my life. Well, there was the time I slipped & fell on the ice & hit my head - I think I was unconscious for a few seconds. But, no, I'm talking about having a general anesthetic. Yes, tomorrow is my wisdom teeth surgery.

So at 9am EDT October 14th, I shall be arriving at Dr. Kim's office in Troy and they'll put me under & pull out the top two teeth and saw thru the bottom two & pull them out in two pieces each. Bleh. Tonight, I ate my last meal before 7pm and I am not allowed anything to drink now that it's after midnight. I bought some slim fast drink mixes, made ice, and have a fresh gallon of milk, so I'm going for the sippable suppers for the rest of the weekend. (I also have pudding & Jell-o for variety. The cashews will have to wait!)

I picked up 6 DVDs at the rental place for watching (or sleeping through) this weekend. I miss the days of $.99 DVDs at the local Hollywood Video. Rather than costing me $6, they cost me $24. This, and the fact that I still haven't seen all of the DVDs that I own, is the reason I don't usually rent DVDs.

Since I don't actually think in the morning, I also purchased some masking tape (purple, of course) so that I can tape my fridge shut & tape my faucets shut too. This will remind me not to drink anything. Providing Leo doesn't remove the tape, I'll remember in the morning not to drink anything.

So, anyhoo, if you can think of poor (scared) Trina in the morning, do so. I do good at avoiding the whole surgery thing, but every once in awhile, it happens. Bleh.

Still, I shall leave you all with one of my favorite sketches from Laugh In. (From memory - no idea if the words are perfectly correct.)

A woman is talking with a doctor. "I'm afraid this is difficult for me to say..." he tells her.

"It's OK, I can take it, Doc."

"I'm going to have to perform emergery surgery. Um, emergency surgency. I'm going to have to perform emergency surgery. See, I told you it was hard for me to say..."
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