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Boring Meetings

Lord, save me from boring meetings! I missed school Monday and Tuesday of this week to go to useful but boring meetings in Columbus. Lots of statistics (which I got the first time they explained them and didn't need reiteration the following day) & educational jargon.

I've discovered that I'm bored at all meetings except for technology meetings (usually - have been to one or two clunkers there too). This Friday I'll be going to the monthly county tech meeting, which I'm never bored at. But most of the other meetings I have to attend - YAWN.

Well, I figure that's why they pay me the big bucks. :-) I teach for free - I love teaching. But they pay me to go to boring meetings & grade papers. Of course, I showed them! I had the chemistry students grade their own tests today. Ha! ;-)

Actually, I spent most of Thursday & Friday afternoon coming up with my sub plans for Monday & Tuesday (had the kids reviewing & then taking tests - hated to do that to 'em with a sub, but we need to keep moving). Last night I was lying in bed trying to remember what I had planned for Wednesday. I arrived at the school to find out I hadn't actually written the week's lesson plans! Whoops! But at least I took care of Monday & Tuesday.

So, having chemistry grade their own tests was one way to figure out what to do this week. Print out a lab, grade tests, start the next chapter. There we go, lessons for the week. :-)
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