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Tomorrow's gonna be COOL! - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Tomorrow's gonna be COOL!
It's warm in the house right now cuz I refuse to shut my Open Windows and turn on the central air. I love Open Windows! So does Leo - he sometimes lays in his hammock, other times he just lays in front of the kitchen screen door. But tomorrow, it's supposed to be chilly - yay! I might even get to wear a sweat shirt at the Light the Night walk!

Speaking of the Light the Night Walk (for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society), after my whinging last night, several people contributed to send me over my goal - woohoo! (Hmmm, maybe I should have had a higher goal. ;-) Thankie, thankie to elsaf, gregmce, felicityk, hergrace, and drox! I really appreciate your contributions - especially at a time when we're all being spread thin between so many worthy causes.

I know that I like to do what I can for the many worthy causes that we see every day in our lives. But you really do have to make a choice. I decided about a year ago that I would focus my contributions on two major causes: Gay Rights and the Woman's Right to Choose. I even contribute to a couple of political arms (non-tax deductible) with respect to those causes. Sure, I'll donate to other causes when I can. I've given to Red Cross to help with Katrina, and I intend to do so again once some time has passed (because they'll still be needing, but probably not receiving as much). I'm not as regular in blood donation as I probably should be (and being O positive, I'm rather popular, blood-wise), but I have done it and encourage others (who can) to do it. But eventually, you have to realize that you can't save everyone and you can't help every cause.

I'm going to do the Light the Night Walk tomorrow night and will probably have a good time doing it. I'm sure tomorrow I'll think often of Jenny (the friend who died from leukemia my junior year of high school), and her sister, Tracy, who was an inspiration in love and hope after Jenny passed away. And I'll carry my glow-in-the-dark balloon and maybe a few other people will notice us and think about contributing to their favorite cause.

Current Mood: hot hot
Current Music: Pet Shop Boys / What Keeps Mankind Alive?

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dark_pheonix From: dark_pheonix Date: September 29th, 2005 12:04 am (UTC) (Link)
I was listening to that song just a minute ago *toddles away, muttering... mankind can keep alive, thanks to it's brilliance, at keeping it's humanity repressed*
drox From: drox Date: September 29th, 2005 01:30 am (UTC) (Link)
I refuse to shut my Open Windows and turn on the central air. I love Open Windows!

Likewise! I keep at least two bedrooms windows open in the summer, weather permitting, even though I'm only two blocks from the railroad tracks (said windows face the tracks) ane there are ~70 trains per day through here. One eventually gets used to the noise.

And... hooray for blood donors! I give regularly too, and I'm so glad to hear about others doing it.

Money donors are important too, of course.

And time donors. It looks like I'm going to be giving ~3 weeks to Red Cross disaster relief sometime very soon. I've been deployed! To Houston, TX and from there to parts unknown. So if no one hears from me in a while, that's the reason.

Deployed. That sounds so military, doesn't it. Oh well.
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