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Typing some stuff in...

Well, so far, no contributions to Light the Night - the walk for Leukemia & Lymphoma that I'll be doing on Thursday. Alas! You folks really are all donated out, aren't you? :-)

So anyhoo, my poor addiction is sucking at my very marrow, but I don't care. Gonna play more City of Heroes after I finish this post (and catch up on my FList). Yesterday, work, CoH, supper & Monk, CoH, bed. Today, work, CoH, supper & Monk, CoH, bed. Tomorrow, work, CoH, supper & Monk, CoH, bed. It's coming to be my schedule. Thank goodness I've scheduled myself to walk on Thursday. Might go back into safety mode after that, however. (It's weird how I get into an antisocial funk for awhile. Not disagreeable to be around or anything. Just prefer to return home to my kitty and bury myself in my computer. Then I'll get into the "must go OUT AND DO STUFF" mode for awhile.)

The other night, I had another celebrity filled dream. This one starred Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy. Davison was playing the part of a businessman on a space station who's killed his wife and trying to get away with it. Sylv is playing the guy who runs the space station & is trying to discover who dun it. A key clue is the reflection off of Davison's bald patch... (Yeah, didn't make any sense to me either.) Some of the time in the dream, I'm watching the movie, in other parts, I'm watching the making of. And then there was a scene with a guy who looked like a VERY old Davison and I'm telling dad how amazed at how badly he's aged.

My brain - see, it's warped! Must go have a replacement. Maybe one that doesn't get addicted to City of Heroin. :-)
Tags: city of heroes, dreams, peter davison, sylvester mccoy
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