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Family Reunion - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Family Reunion
My Gramma's family has a reunion every year, the Sunday after Labor Day weekend. This, then, was the day for it. The reunion was a bit smaller than usual, but that meant I could learn a few more names. (And we managed to have a name tag for everyone, for once.) I think I finally have the family tree up to date, which isn't easy. (My Gramma had 8 siblings, and the second oldest had several kids who had several kids.)

I have fun at family reunions, even when I don't know a whole lot of folks. But if people show up every year, you do get to know 'em, and that makes it even more fun. And I like databases, so I keep the family address book up to date (as best as I can). We might have, for once, gotten invites out to everyone. Well, we sent them at any rate. Some didn't arrive, it appears! One family member received hers yesterday! Whoops! (So Amy, did you & Rachel get your invite?)

Out of Granny's siblings, there's only two left. We'd had a rather bad trend in that we had one fewer sister each reunion since we started it a few years ago. But both Granny & Maxine were able to attend this year, just as they had last year. Phew!

One of the interesting things we do at this reunion is a White Elephant sale. You bring in some old crap from home, wrapped in a paper bag, then it gets auctioned off, sight unseen. I bid on two items (totaling $7.50) and got some actual nice crap. Candles, DVDs (not ones I would have bought), and some shower gels. Mom, meanwhile, paid $6 for two cans of diet Coke. Heh. But she also got an ice shaver for less than the two Cokes - should be fun to play with! (I'm sure you hate having ice that has a beard, too.)

Lots of birthdays on my FList today & tomorrow. So Happy Birthday tptigger, blinovitch, and tomorrow, versaphile!

(Bleh! I'm tired! I didn't think reunions wore one out, but perhaps they do! Well, they, a really good sinus headache, and too much time spent playing City of Heroes probably add up to wearing one out.)

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dark_pheonix From: dark_pheonix Date: September 12th, 2005 10:38 am (UTC) (Link)
*opens mouth*


*shuts mouth*


Damn, foiled again by that Random Sylv pic. *goes back to oggle*
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