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Hero of the City!

I've been playing City of Heroes since Christmas when I got it, though more ernestly starting in February. judiang, meanwhile, got into it thanks to my freebie trial I gave her around Valentine's Day. She's had a level 50 character for MONTHS now. But poor Icy Hot Man was languishing way behind her. Until tonight! Yes, tonight, Icy made level 50! YAY! (That's the highest level you can attain.) To celebrate, I created a new hero, Hercules Jones - a Warshade (something you can only make once you've got a level 50 character). Dunno yet if I'll keep him, but if I do, he'll probably wind up on my new CoH userpic.

Way to go, Icy Hot Man!

(I guess this means I can play with my other heroes again!)
Tags: city of heroes
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