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Merry Christmas Eve!

I know, for some folks right now, it is Christmas day. For others, it shall soon be. Currently, my sister's talking to Rachel (probably with some good Starbucks' customer stories from the laughs I've heard), so I had a chance to come and write.

We went off to Granny's tonight for the Short gathering. Alas, Bill & his crew (which includes Brandi) couldn't attend tonight. So it was Granny, Becky, Deanna (Becky's youngest), Dean (Deanna's dad), Mick (Becky's oldest), Joy (his wife), Taylor & Sydney (their little ones), and us. It was fun conversationally, as to be expected. And both Mick & Joy congratulated Amy on her engagement - yay!

In the gift exchange, Becky had my name and since I'd included toys in my list, that's what I got. Some Harry Potter Lego and some K'nex (the little kids version - with cool eyeballs!) Poor mom got a lovely sweater - which Cali (the little calico kitten) promptly peed on. And also a Rubick's Cube. However, she'd asked for Rummikub... (I'd *wondered* why Deanna had asked me where she could find a Rubick's Cube...) They'll get that all sorted out soon, I'm sure. :-)

Amy got the gift I am most envious for - Muppet Monopoly! She hadn't gotten a wish list out to folks, so Joy had found that and figured she'd enjoy it. And I know she and her friends will love it. But how will I find a way to keep it here instead? Hmmmm... I'm sure Pepe would have a plan!

So it will soon be Christmas morning! Joy joy! I hope everyone loves the pressies I got them! (The good news it that I like them, at least, so if they don't I'll make sure they don't go to waste!) Perhaps tomorrow night I'll have an update on everything.

Still no White Christmas, but hey, I'll have fun no matter the weather! *hugs* to everyone who wants one and HAPPY CHRISTMAS and MERRY NEW YEAR!
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