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9 minute update

Only have 9 minutes left on my EasyInternet ticket, so I'll type as quickly as this European keyboard will let me.

Judi's back at the hotel resting her feet (aka snoring) and I decided to find the EasyInternet cafe and read e-mail (did that) and update my journal (doing that). Alas, no time to read my friendslist, so I apologize to eveyrone out there for not keeping caught up! I will do so when I get back, I imagine. (if you have something truly groundbreaking in your journal, comment here about it and I'll hopefully see it soon!)

Tomorrow, we head off to the villa in Tuscany (near Cortona) and I've no idea, once again, what connectivity will be like. So no idea how much I'll be able to update.

This morning, we went off to look at a bunch of broken down shit. I tell ya, Rome's gone to hell. The forum looks like a bunch of rocks - and you should see what the collisium looks like! Hell, some bastard called Michealangelo stole all the marbel seats!

Heh - the Forum and Collisium (can't spell that!) were cool to see - and I made sure to make some commentary on Judi's video of the ruins.

Anyhoo, running out of time, so I'll try to write more later.
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