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Good Times

I've been in an unusually good mood for the last day or so. Little things have just been working out nicely for me. In particular, last night I finally got my Roku Soundbridge and my new PC to talk to each other successfully using Windows Media Connect. (It was all file permissions problems.)

Yesterday, I returned the video card and the power supply that I bought earlier in the month but later decided I didn't need. Got cash back for the PS and the video card was placed back into my bank account. Sweet.

We're pretty much ready for the Italy trip (which we leave for on the 19th) and I'm getting excited about that. Yesterday I sent off to judiang a packet of paperwork that we'd been collecting at our Italy meetings. This is going to be a fun trip! (So far, the weather is looking good - warm, but good!)

This morning, I was playing a little bit of City of Heroes when someone sent me a message wanting to know if I wanted to join in their power leveling team. Sure! Though I warned that I was cursed at being power leveled. (Power leveling is basically letting someone else do all the work and you getting XP - it's a quick way to get to a higher level.) I'm now close to being level 42 (a key level on my way to level 50). Woot!

Now I'm sitting at mom & dad's cabin at the Lake and drinking a grasshopper mist while I type this up. The weather is perfect and there's a steady breeze into the 3-season room. We're going to have grilled steaks & strawberry shortcake for supper. Life is GOOD! :-)
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