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*Gasp!* Trina bought a WHAT???

Perhaps the worst time for me to shop are the times when I really don't have a set shopping agenda. Today was one of those times. Merely going into Walmart for some milk and cream, I ended up finding some pajamas and a robe for my Italy trip. Oh, and some shirts. And a Gameboy Advance SP. And some anti-noise headphones (reasonably priced, I thought). But the real shocker of the outing was when I bought a skirt! Me???? A skirt?

People who know me best know just what a shocker this is. I am not a dress or skirt person. Jeans, shorts, slacks if I have to. That's it. But for the Italy trip, I'll need to be dressy from time to time, and this is a skirt that's light, wrinkled already, and purple. I got 2 tops (also purple) to go with it, so that gives me two dressy outfits. With my Chacos on, no one ever need know that I'm not a dressy kind of gal. Of course, for most of the trip, I'll be the typical American Tourist. :-)

So anyhoo, my $2 milk turned out to cost me a hell of a lot more money. But I got lots of cool things in the process! (And even a skirt!!!)

PS - a very happy birthday to our own drake57!
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