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You Wax Divine...

Mom, Amy & I had something of a girly night tonight. I'm not terribly experienced with girly nights, but I had fun tonight. Firstly, mother queried Amy on wedding details (many of them that Amy & Rachel have yet to decide), but it was fun supposing. The topper of the evening, however, were the hand massages and paraffin dip.

Mom got a paraffin dipper last year for Christmas, but I never got a chance to use it before it blew up. So when dad got mom a replacement one for her birthday this year, I showed my enthusiasm for trying such a thing. So tonight we got to do it.

First, mom massaged our hands and used oil & hand cream while she did so. (My hands were so dry, it nearly "sucked" up all the oil.) Then I dipped my hand in the warm wax 4 times. She then put my hand in a long plastic bag, then stuck an oven mitt over it. We repeated this for the other hand. Amy was treated next (using towels instead of oven mitts, as mom only had a pair). Then mom did herself.

With our hands now thoroughly warm and relaxed, we went into mom's TV room to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. This was only the second time I've seen the show. It's fun, but I've yet to commit to finding out when and where it airs. After awhile, mom peeled herself out of the bags, then did me and then did Amy.

My hands feel so soft and still are warm, even an hour later. I see now why people get manicures and things. (No fingernail polish for me, however. I chew my nails and don't wish to stop.) So a pleasant evening spent with the girls. :-)

TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS EVE! Alas, it's not yet snowing...
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