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Last Day of Classes

This year for B-WISER, the new co-directors decided to use Friday as a day for the girls to meet other women scientists and hear about their lives and ask questions. Plus, they only scheduled half a day of that, so we'll do the mentors, have lunch, then have the final ceremony. Will probably leave here by 2pm. Woohoo! I getta see my kitty again!

With this all scheduled for Friday, that means we had only 4 teaching days. So we smooshed our two electricity days into one. We'll do current electricity and static electricity today. I'm hoping to get the Van de Graaf working to its best potential (heh) today.

Well, last year at B-WISER, Carolyn and I discovered that the building generator is located right under our room. And the night before last, we were reminded of this when the power went out and the generator went on. Hell's wiskers... Still, it didn't go off until around 6:00am. I remember seeing the clock time of 6:20am, but the power was already off for the folks on the other side of the building. Oh, and we discovered that the main point of the generator is to generate noise, not electricity. I mean, when Carolyn went to take her shower, no hot water! (Heh, I had hot water for my shower.)

Another part of the joys of living in an old dorm are the bathroom experiences. Douglass is a co-ed dorm and each floor has 2 communal bathrooms. On the first floor, each bathroom has 2 showers and two toilets and 3 sinks. Last year, we had practically no water pressure for either shower, but the front one had more pressure. This year, the first shower has 0 water pressue (think running faucet, not shower) but the second shower is WONDERFUL. And I've always prefered the back shower anyhoo because there's a lot more room.

In other years, we've had the joys of cold showers and undrinkable water. Whenever we come to camp, we just never know what we're going to get until we come here. (At least Carolyn and I know that we'll always have the room with the noise generator underneath us.)

We've received compliments from folks all over. One of the people who works on campus every summer (probably all year) said that our camp and the tennis camp have the politest students and that everyone on campus knows it. Cool. :-) Also, last night one of the girls said she was sad because tomorrow (that's today now) was the last day of classes. And then camp would be over Friday. And she'd never get to see all her new friends ever again. So it looks like we're doing a good job in the "make it friendly and fun!" department.
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