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Life of Ease

Wow, two posts from me in one day! Haven't done that in ages. But I have my reasons... Mainly, I wanted to see if I could use my laptop outside on the chaise lounge and be online. And, indeed, I can. So Leo is on his leash sitting underneath the lounge and I'm sitting on it, typing this on my laptop. Since the wireless router is in the den and I have a good view of the den window, I guess it's no surprise the connection gets out here.

The weather today is gorgeous. Yeah, there's some cloud cover and the threat of rain, but there's also blue skies and white fluffy clouds beside the darker ones. The temperature is ideal, so Leo and I decided we'd have some outdoor time. I finished my outdoor chores (take out the trash, water the flowers), so now I can relax outside with my kitty.

We can have this weather all next week, that would be fine with me. Sleeping in unairconditioned dorms isn't fun with 80+ degrees F temperatures.

Ah, the birdies are chirping, my kitty's tail's a flapping (in a "relaxed cat" mode, not in a "hunt the birdies" mode), and the breeze is blowing. Life is good. :-)
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