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Poultry in Motion!

Yeah, yeah, bad pun. I read it on a t-shirt today while at the Versailles Poultry Days Festival. And I know it's not original to them, either. The folks and I went to the Poultry Days Festival mostly for the chicken dinner. Mmmmm, barbecue chicken the way it was meant to be (and not with those nasty red barbecue sauces). It rained while we sat in the tent and ate, and was done by the time we finished. We wandered through the vendors & craft booths, then got ice cream at the Athletic Boosters Ice Cream Parlor (in the school's cafeteria). I got a brownie sundae that was huge.

Been spending most of my time this weekend playing with my new computer and playing City of Heroes on my old one. I got a KVM switch and have both set up on the computer desk, so I switch between them. At the moment, I'm on IRC & typing this up while I'm on my old PC, and I'm ripping my CDs into MP3s on the new PC. I like the new PC, even though the onboard video isn't strong enough for CoH. I think I'll supplement it with a PCI-E graphics card, but until then, I'm playing it on my old PC.

You'd think someone who's the network administrator for her school could successfully get her two home computers talking to each other. No go yet. Bleh. Still, I'll play around some more - I'll figure it out eventually.
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