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The Doctor Dances with the Sith - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
The Doctor Dances with the Sith
Ah, what a lovely day we had, today! judiang and I slept in until 9:30am and then I played some City of Heroes while she got ready. I bought donut holes & mini chocolate donuts for breakfast, which we munched on. Then Judi played with Evah Green, my Mind/Forcefield Controller on CoH while I went off to Wagners for ice & booze (for making ice cream). It was noon when I returned, so I started on the fire. Clouds were threatening rain (thunder too) but it never did rain on us. And I got a very nice fire going by the time elsaf arrived.

Elsa had brought some marinated pork for grilling and then pulling to make jerk pork sammiches. Shortly after she arrived, we put 'em on the grill (along with some pineapple spears) and Elsa grilled 'em. I made up some Bailey's ice cream and put it in the Old Fashioned ice cream maker. Judi sliced onions and gerkins for the sammiches. Lunch, as you might suspect, was wonderful. And we topped it off with the chocolate cake that Elsa made and the homemade ice cream. Yum!

After lunch, it was time to download the new Doctor Who and veg. I tested the cheapo DVD player to see if it could play MPEGs saved onto CD-ROM, and it could. So we knew once we got the new Doctor Who, we could watch. Woohoo! Judi was sawing logs - with a powersaw, apparently, and soon Elsa and I dozed off as well. (Yes, that was an expression meaning she was sleeping - I can't imagine Judi actually sawing logs...) When the download was done, however, we burned it onto a CD and sat and watched. A good conclusion to the previous ep, The Empty Child. I think I have my new favorite eps. :-)

It was around 6pm when we decided to go off to see Revenge of the Sith. We knew that was a plan for the weekend, we just didn't know when we'd go. There was a 7pm showing. And we arrived right at 7pm. There were enough commercials and trailers that I forgot what I was waiting to see.

So, the movie? It was an enjoyable 2 hours. Yeah, sucky dialog. Yeah, Anakin can't act his way out of a bag. But the effects were cool and Yoda's a mean muthafucka. So I got enjoyment from the flick. When it comes out on DVD, I'll probably pick the "first 3" flicks up (hopefully in a special package and at a very reasonable price.)

After the movie, we wanted pizza. So I took the girls to Cassano's (a local chain). I think the Cassano's in Piqua is the best Cassano's around, and tonight, their deluxe pizza was what I remembered. The cream soda wasn't terribly good (syrup troubles) but it was OK. The girls picked on the "cracker pizza" but I think they liked it well enough - for cracker pizza.

On the way back, I took 'em up Rt 66 (heh, not THAT Rt 66), which was a longer way, but gave Judi more ammo against small towns. :-) And now we're all sitting around the table in the 3-season room. Geeking on our laptops. Ah, life is GOOD. :-)

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