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I don't feel like posting...

Kinda weird really... I used to be quite regular at posting to LiveJournal. But lately I've been all "eh." I still read friends posts, but haven't thought of anything to write about. And you know why I'm writing now? Cuz stupid City of Heroes won't let me on.

Yes, I'm addicted to that game - perhaps it's the reason why I don't feel like posting - I'd rather play than post. But it's a fun escape and I enjoy myself when I'm playing. I finally switched over to paying for the game tonight. (I'd been using the 60 day cards that I got at Christmas until now.) Unfortunately, things got goobered up while I was doing this, so the website says I've paid, but the game says that I haven't. Put a phone call into the not-toll-free support number and am now awaiting the escalated support e-mail which says it'll all work.

And before all of that was going on, I was trying to help one of my former teachers with a printer problem of hers. USB printers still aren't ready for folks with a little knowledge of computers. They're best for experts or for complete n00bs. Folks with a little knowledge think "I'll just use Add Printer." Complete n00bs and folks who've dealt with lots of USB printers think "I'd better follow the damn directions." Her hubby, I think, tried using add printer. I've got her now going through and following their own instructions. Hopefully it'll work.

Hmmm, was that an e-mail I just heard? Nope, false alarm. Damn...
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