Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

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Lazing at the Lake

Wehey! Dad and I were finally able to set up the Linksys wireless router at the Lake. I'm sitting in the 3-season room with my laptop and its pathetic D-Link 802.11g wireless card and am typing this up! Sweet!

The weather today is gorgeous. Probably wasting it all so that next weekend when elsaf and judiang come, it'll be lousy. Ah well. We've had good weather for Memorial Day weekend and we've had bad. We deal. We have a great time. :-)

In other cool news, drox will be dropping by this evening. She's going to spend the night with me and even come to the UU church where dad will be preaching tomorrow. Funny that - Judi & Elsa have known me for ages and yet Drox will be the first of my friends to hear dad preach! :-)

OK, time to get working on the school website. I've got a couple of hours here before I head home to await Drox's arrival. (Judi, this means I won't be playing CoH tonight. Probably...)
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