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The Time of Year... - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
The Time of Year...
The air conditioner in my computer lab is on. (The one in the tech office is all for all but 2 weeks or so in winter - the servers warm up the room plenty.) My lesson plans are done from now til the end of the school year. Everyone's suffering senioritis - juniors & teachers included. I've got loads of grading to do, even though I was just caught up last week. The summer tech jobs are looming, however I've not written anything on the White Board yet. I've done the calligraphy for the Bausch & Lomb Award, Academic Excellence in Science Award, John Philip Sousa Award, and the National Choral Award. (The new band director found out from the old band director that I'm a professional calligrapher - who does school awards gratis.)

You know, I'm beginning to suspect it's May! And that there's only a few scant weeks of school left! Hmmmm....

(I really need a teacher icon... My science one is good, but it's not what I need for a teaching post.)

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Current Music: "Wait" by Sarah McLachlan

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