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Cult TV Meme - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Cult TV Meme
Gakked from antiwesley.

Cult TV Meme

Bold means I loved it/watched it religiously/etc.
Italic means I liked it but did not watch religiously.
Regular Roman letters means I didn't see it or was pretty much indifferent to it
Strikeout means I have seen it but disliked it.
* means I added this show to the list (if you gak this from me you have to add one of your own, okay?)

Absolutely Fabulous
Alien Nation
The Avengers
Babylon 5
Battlestar Galactica
Blake's Seven
Beauty and the Beast
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Bionic Woman
Danger Man/Secret Agent Man
Dark Shadows
The Daily Show
Doctor Who
Freaks and Geeks
Forever Knight
Knight Rider
The Legend of Hercules
My So-Called Life
Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Nowhere Man
The Outer Limits (the black and white series)
The Prisoner
Quantum Leap
The Twilight Zone
The Six Million Dollar Man
The Simpsons
Star Trek: TOS
Star Trek: TNG
Star Trek: DS9
Star Trek: Enterprise
The Tomorrow People*
Twin Peaks
Vampire: The Masquerade
Xena: Warrior Princess
The X-Files

Good grief, I watch a lot of Cult TV. Thought about added The Flash, too. I really want that on DVD so I can see it again. :-)

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