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Fun Day Out

Today's been a busy day. First off, I went to bed around 3:30am after playing City of Heroes. Then Leo wanted me to get up at 7:30am. But I didn't get up until an hour later. Then I was off to the Newton Alumni Executive Committee meeting where we finalized much of the upcoming banquet (2 weeks from today!) We worked on the programs (folding, stapling, the like) until noon. Back home for quicky lunch and then it was time for a Grand Day Out.

The folks and I headed for Piqua around noon-thirty - the goal: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I paid for everyone's ticket ($3.75 each - eep! The price keeps going up!) and we sat down to watch several trailers about children's movies on sports. Soccer, basketball - you name it, there's a kids movie coming out with it. The short trailer for Chicken Little is hysterical - if you know Hitchhiker's Guide, that is. :-)

I enjoyed the movie. Laughed often (dad and I were chuckling about the sighing doors long after the rest of the audience stopped) and loved the casting. Dad laughed a lot too, and I even heard mom chuckle from time to time. Dad and I enjoyed the movie, as did mom, who thought the movie was "weird." Well, yeah, it is. :-) Stephen Fry as the Book and Alan Rickman as Marvin - perfect casting. And Bill Bailey as the whale - heh. The cameos from some "original" Hitchhiker's luminaries were fun too.

After the movie, we did some shopping - mostly looking for things for Amy & Rachel's upcoming birthdays. We headed for Troy, too, in search of things. And when we finished shopping, by golly, it was supper time! (Mom and I know how to time things well.) So off to Applebee's for supper! I had the WeightWatchers shrimp & steak teryaki skewers and an amaretto sour. Good eats. :-)

When we got home, I decided to spend it downloaded the latest Doctor Who and playing City of Heroes, so that's what I've been doing. Yay me! (I've created two new heroes in the last two days. Basically recreating heroes that I have on other servers.) I just had some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and am talking with elsaf and judiang online. Life is good. :-)
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