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Photo Challenge Results #2!

My first results from the Photo Challenge (still open - get your requests in!) can be found in this entry. I admitted then that mossymosquito had temporarily stumped me with his request. But no matter, I have now prevailed. I present, for your edification, a grasshopper!

A grasshopper! What do you mean it looks funny?

It is, after all, a fly for fly fishing! I bought it at an Orvis store this weekend while with dad. He figured he probably had one already, but knowing all of the places he stores his flies, I figured it was better to buy one for myself. And it's cool!

The next challenge was a true challenge. akadriver suggested the following: "I want you to take a picture of your favorite knicknack or toy in an outdoor location. But not just /any/ outdoor location. It has to be one where someone would have to look twice to notice said object. The exact location is up to you. Be creative. :)"

There is a treasure hidden here - and I don't mean Leo. He's hardly hiding. That's a bit far away to look. Perhaps a closeup will be better...

A bit closer now - can you see it?

Surely you can see my treasure now!

It's Teeny Tiny Teddy, hiding in the tree!

warinbabylon wanted a photo of the front of my house. Whew! A challenge that isn't so hard! :-)

The front of my house.

And while I was going through my e-mail notices on these challenges, I realized I forgot to do timjr's request! Whoops! I'll rectify that with my next post on photo challenges. So you can still send me challenges - these have been fun!
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