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Photo Challenge Results #1

A few days ago, I invited one and all to challenge me to take photos with my rinky dinky camera. I'm still willing to do more (there weren't a lot of requests - alas!) so get your requests in! I have 2 of the requests completed and am posting them here. The third request, from mossymosquito, of a grasshopper, I'll need a little more time on. But by golly, I'll get it! :-) So please, send me photo requests. I'll do my best to fulfill them. If nothing else, it got me to download my Chicago trip pix. (Hopefully I'll get some of those posted soon enough.)

drake57 asked me to photograph my DVDs. Quite the undertaking...

dvds 1
My movie series and Region 2/PAL DVDs. (The Monkees DVDs are only there because they don't fit on the TV series DVD case.)

dvds 2
My movie DVDs. The first two DVD cases sit on either side of the television.

dvds 3
My TV series DVDs. The Vicar of Dibley Divine Collection is currently on loan to mom & dad (who have been enjoying the series).

Yes, all of my DVDs are in alphabetical order. (Or in chronological order for series.)

miz_em suggested that I take a photo of where I work. Well, as I work in many rooms in the building, one wouldn't suffice. I took six, so you can see my doors & classroom at the Photo Challenge Gallery, but I've got the rooms here.

my desk
Here's my desk in the tech office.

my servers
Here are my servers, all nicely labeled and everything.

my lab
This is the chemistry/physics lab. Yeah, yeah, it needs straightened up.
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