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Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

I'm sitting at the table in the 3 season room at mom & dad's cottage at the Lake. In honor of their 37th anniversary, I came up to join them for supper. Mom and I went to Wagner's grocery and picked out the eats for shish kebabs (marinated pork, pineapple, red pepper, red onion, 'shrooms, and tomatoes) and a Pepperidge Farm carrot cake for dessert. I paid for the eats as my gift and then made supper when we got back.

I did a really good job grilling. Mom started the fire & dad tended to it, so the flames were perfect for grilled kebabs. Mom had made rice, so we ate our eats with rice. Yum! And there were enough for left overs, too. Always a plus in mom's book.

Mom actually did the dishes, and then we had the carrot cake. Pepperidge Farms frozen cakes always make me think of the last day (or rather the day after the last day) of school. When I was a kid, I would always go in with dad the day after the last day of school to help him with the Audio/Visual equipment. (We would remove it all from other rooms and store it in dad's classroom.) Dad's contribution to the teacher carry-in was always one of these frozen cakes (which we'd buy at the local grocery before we'd get in, and then let sit until lunch).

So anyhoo, tonight was a nice evening spent with the parental units. They've had a great 37 years together and here's hoping they have 37 more!
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