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Send Your Photo Requests on a Postcard to...

gregmce had this neat meme in his journal on photo requests. I liked it enough that I'm gonna try it as well. (For one thing, it might get me to download the photos of my Chicago trip finally.) So, here's what you do:

I will take a photo of whatever you ask me to - you decide what. It can be specific or open ended. I don't have to appear in it (PLEASE PLEASE don't make me appear in it). I shan't do any naughty photos, however, cuz I'm a good gurl. ;-) And Leo's just figured out how to talk just to request that I not take any photos of him in costume as anything. But other than those, I'll do my damnedest to get the photos taken that you request. Go on, challenge me! I know you wanna!

In other news, I am now officially OLD! Because, dammit, the new Doctor Who is YOUNGER THAN ME! The Doctor's not supposed to be younger than me! That's only supposed to happen to elsaf or judiang!!!

Oh, and I'll be out of the house this weekend with the parental units, so I won't be taking any photos then. Probably. (Unless you want a photo of Marcus Borg of the Jesus Seminar - then I might be able to do that.)
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