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I should have written this post earlier in the day when I was clearer of mind. I still want to talk about Elsa's wonderful dinner and the rest of the great weekend I had at Judi's new place. I even have an idea for a meme that I might make one of these days, too. I didn't even wish miz_em a Happy Birthday on the 3rd (though I did get to wish her a happy birthday the night before at Lalo's Mexican Restaurant, which was even better!) So, in case I'm even less coherent tomorrow night, HAPPY BIRTHDAY rach74! :-)

PS, I showed Leo the second episode of Doctor Who. He wasn't as interested in this one, though we did have some quality cuddle time during the first part of it.

PPS, I REALLY love my Philips DVP642 DVD player. I can simply bung an avi file (divx or not) onto a CD and it plays it. No special settings required! Sweet!
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