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Car Costs etc.

I love my local auto service shop. First, they're just 2 blocks away from my house (convenient). Second, they're very knowledgeable (loads of certification in just about anything auto related, including hybrids). Third, they're no more expensive than anyone else around (and the Newton Spirit Card has a $5 off oil change coupon - woohoo!) Fourth, they're darned nice (they offer to drive me into school when I drop my car off in the morning on the way to work - unless it's raining, I usually thank them and refuse). Fifth, if they find something majorly wrong during a routine check, they'll let me know and what the cost will be, and why I might want (or not want) to go through with it.

Well, today, I got one of those calls, alas. Turns out her cooling system's been leaking. She's a 10 year old Shadow and still had her original tubes etc. Plus the battery was low and might have trouble starting in cold weather. (Hmmm, it's winter.) So, I told them to go ahead with the (gah) $480 worth of fixes. The good news is that, in the 10 years I've had her, this year has been the first with any real maintenance costs. Earlier this year was a $600+ charge for some other fixes (she still had her original spark plugs too!) Actually, I don't think $1000 will be too much of an investment (probably not the best word there) if this keeps her going for another 10 years. They assured me that this really ought to be the last big charge she'll cost me for awhile. And as the boys know their stuff, I'll believe 'em.

But the good news is that, if poor Miriam (yes, I name my cars) does eventually pass on and I need to buy a new car, they'll be able to take care of her, too. Especially as I'm most probably going to get a hybrid when I next purchase a car.

So, it's the Christmas season and I've spent money on presents (which I love doing). And I'm waiting on my car insurance bill to arrive. And I recently had a roof replaced on my house and garage and paid that on an interest free credit card. And now I have this car repair to pay for. Damn, I'm glad I've (a) got credit cards and (b) have money in savings. Of course, that money in savings is going bye-bye. But I suppose that's what savings is for - when things pop up like a tree falling on your roof or your car needing new tubing.

On the more plus side of things, I've wrapped most of the presents I'm giving out this Christmas. I still have things to do WRT the family cookbook. I promised updates at last year's Christmas gatherings, but I've been putting it off. I'll come up with *something* for Saturday, I'm sure.

And on the very plus side of things - tomorrow Amy's coming home! YAY! We pick her up at the airport at 8:30pm. She'll be in town until December 26th. So it's a short visit, but we'll get the most out of it as we can. The Anderson Christmas gathering is this Saturday. The Short's always gather on Christmas Eve. And of course, we open presents on Christmas Day. :-) (Even *Leo* gets to come over to the folks' house on Christmas Day.)
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