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Lazy Time

We're relaxing now. judiang is sleeping on Elsa's airbed on the floor behind me. elsaf is downloading the new Doctor Who on her laptop in front of me (so sad, Paul McGann rocks!) ETA this is what I get when I let Judi edit my LJ post. And I'm typing this up on Judi's laptop. In a little while, we'll drive to the Mexican place in order to meet miz_em and her hubby for supper. And hopefully when we get back, we'll get to watch the new Doctor Who! Woohoo!

So, onto yesterday's business. Elsa and I got up early and got ready, and to my shock, so did Judi! Well, it was her birthday and she wanted to be awake for most of it, I think. After breakfast of Entemann's cheese danish, Judi took us on a tour of the complex. We tried to view the community center, but her magic card didn't work. Still, a nice building worker took us up to see it. Da-amn! 2 pool tables & a big screen TV! Then he showed us the floor with the swimming pool & wading pool. Nice community center! I want one too!

We then moved onto the sales display office so that Judi could get a replacement for the defective card, but it wasn't open until noon. So we caught a cab and went to the sushi restaurant we really liked the last time we went to it. I wanted sushi & decided to buy sushi for everyone for lunch. But when the cab arrived, we discovered that the sushi restaurant was closed for business. A homeless feller tried to tell us it would open in 3 weeks' time, but it didn't seem all that possible. No matter, we headed over to the Thai place down the street and consoled ourselves with pad thai & pad see eiw. The food was good, and we figured the sales office would be open by then, so we returned.

The neat thing about the sales office is the models of the apartment buildings & of the model rooms. Some fantastic decorating (sometimes freakin' bizarre) for the model apartments. The scaled down version of Judi's building was neat to see. But they didn't put a little figure on her balcony. I figured she was inside playing City of Heroes. And then she hit me. (The real Judi, not the model Judi.)

Once we had the replacement card (this time a key fob) we returned to the community center and Judi and I played pool while Elsa looked on. I managed to lose the first one by sinking the 8 ball in. But Judi was ahead anyhoo and would probably have won. But I really excelled at the next game where I got several balls in in a row - including the 8 ball. Whoops! Lost again (and Judi didn't even get to shoot that game). I think I like 9-ball better than solids & stripes. (Not that I'm any better at playing it, mind...)

When we returned to the apartment, Judi's purchases from Bed, Bath & Beyond had been delivered. So Judi and I unpacked them and started putting things together. Elsa did some prelimenary work on the Magnificent Supper while we tried to put one of Judi's new bar stools together. We had to take apart what we'd already done before we could finish it. And then we decided to go to Office Depot before starting the second chair.

Our Office Depot visit this time was for Judi to check out computer desks. We didn't have the measurements of the closet it's supposed to fit into when we were at the store the day before. But I'd measured the closet since then. Judi saw a few that she liked, but nothing really said "BUY ME!!!" so she didn't buy anything. We returned home and Judi & I built the second bar stool and it took 1/10th of the time as builing the first took. Elsa, meanwhile, began making the Magnificent Supper in earnest.

The meal was wonderful. I shall write about it in the next post since Elsa and I are about to walk to Walgreens (through the sandstorm wastes that is 13th Street). Wish us luck! :-)
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