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Happy Birthday, JUDI! SHEBIT!

Happy Birthday to the April Fools: judiang & shebit! I know Judi's gonna have a great birthday, I'm gonna be there to make sure it happens. Hope you have a great birthday, too, Shebit! :-)

Judi's kept elsaf & I very busy these past two days. So busy I've not had much of a chance to write. But I'm gonna try to rectify that now.

Tuesday night, I drove up to Elsa's place and got to sleep on her new sofabed. Her living room is wonderful! She did a great job on the refurbishment. And the carpet is really nice. I made up an amaretto sour & watched Pitch Black halfheartedly and eventually fell asleep.

Wednesday morning, we both got up bright & bushy tailed. And when we got on the road, I started keeping track of things.
9:10am Leave Elsa's
10:01am Done w/ errands (and McDonald's breakfast) and on the road again!
10:29am Pulled over for going same speed as the rest of the traffic (he CLAIMS we were going 80mph, but I seriously suspect he made that bit up...)
10:32am On the road again!
10:50am Pitstop
12:00pm Swapped drivers (Trina gets vanilla Coke to drink while driving)
1:15pm Rest stop & swap back
3:10pm Arrived @ Judi's (320 miles traveled)

We picked Judi & Lance up and then headed over to her new apartment. It's brilliant! And the same distance away from Jewel (her current grocery) as her old place. We ate at a cafe not far from her place or Jewel. I had a BLT & some cream of broccoli soup. We then picked up some things from Jewel and returned to the apartment. The plan was to be at the old place when the movers brought around the boxes & tape, and then go shopping to Bed, Bath & Beyond for some items that Judi wants for her new place. What ended up happening was that we waited, waited & waited for the boxes and ended up going to Bar Louie for supper. I had four-cheese "pizza." Well, it wanted to be pizza. It was warm cheese on hard bread with some marinara in between. But the highlight of the Bar Louie experience was the chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cake that we shared. Damn, that thing was HUGE! But we et it all. And it was wonderful.

When we got back to Judi's place, we set up our airbeds in her living room and put on the new Doctor Who ep. And since the only TV that Judi currently has at the new place is this little 10" screen TV, I'd brought around an LCD projector from school and we shone it up on the big white wall. That was way cool. (And since I forgot to bring speakers for the laptop, we used Elsa's FM transmitter to send the audio of the laptop to Judi's clock radio. Yay for ingenuity and too much technology!) We then hooked her cable box to the projector and watched BBC America. I got to see an episode of Coupling from season 4 - cool! I've yet to get the DVD set for season 4.

I moved my airbed to the den/guest bedroom and slept there. Elsa slept in the living room. And Judi was on her airbed in her room. We all slept well.

Perhaps I'll write about today during my next post. Elsa mentioned it in her post tonight. Judi REALLY put us through our paces today. :-)
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