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Digital Audio Extraction...

Calling all geeks! Calling all geeks! I have an interesting problem with my computer right now. I've discovered that QCD cannot make MP3s or WAVS or OGG files because it thinks my computer is unable to do digital audio extraction. MusicMatch, OTOH, has no trouble getting my computer to do digital audio extraction. When I go to Control Panel|Multimedia|CD Audio, the place where I can turn on or off digital audio extraction is grayed out. For both CD ROM drives.

The research that I've done so far hasn't really been useful. Winders says I need WDM drivers. But from what I can tell, CD ROM drives don't use WDM drivers. So I checked with Creative, makers of my sound card. They don't have WDM drivers for Win98. Gee, thanks. One site said there may be a problem with old BIOS's. But my BIOS is as up to date as the website says it should be. (OK, so the last update was a couple years ago... So I may be screwed in that case.)

But then, if my PC is unable to do digital audio extraction, why can MusicMatch do it? And if MusicMatch can do it, why can't I get another program, like QCD, to do it?

Any suggestions from those of you in the know? (Or who know someone in the know?)

I really need to upgrade this summer. Can't afford it, but that doesn't mean I don't need it. :-)
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