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More Dreams from Treen

Ah, last night was one of my Cat Nap nights. Meanwhile, Leo slept the whole night through, I think. Damn cat...

Anyhoo, I had one very long dream which started out like one of those BadBoy Lawyers style programs (Boston Legal?) only it was a bunch of businessmen on a ship out on the ocean. There were some guys who wanted to get rid of some of their coworkers by pushing them overboard. But our hero (who at this point wasn't any particular actor) manages to elude them, only to have them attempt to shoot at him, so he jumps...overboard. Um, yeah, brilliant move.

So now our hero, who is slowly developing (middle aged, tall, broad shouldered, gotta be strong, ah hell, might as well make it Sylvester McCoy instead) is out floating on the ocean & thinking of his young wife (Elizabeth Adare, of course) who is expecting their first child... Or something. And so far, he's not dead. Indeed, he manages to survive for a long time (years? You know how dreams are, they seem to make sense at the time) and maybe he's actually a Time Lord. Or not. (Once the character is played by Sylv, it often becomes rather Time Lordy.) And he gets rescued by a young couple on a yacht. He's still got all of his money on him and can pay them lots of money for helping him. And he plots a way to get back at the folks in his company. But most importantly of all, he wants to see his wife. And finally meet his child. And he refuses to ever eat sashimi again for as long as he lives (cuz that's all he's eaten since he was trapped at sea).

Well, before I get the chance to see the reunion between this businessman and his loving (younger) wife, I must have woken up & fallen asleep again, because the dream has changed. Now the setting is my old bedroom from when I lived at the folks. But this isn't the ACTUAL one, it's the stylized one that always shows up in my dreams. And Amy & Rachel are there. Amy's making Martian Rockets* (there's charred paper towels floating in the air). And Rachel's making Volcano Cakes. Which, in the dream, apparently are tall cakes with a square base & you ignite them. When they burn up (like when you pour concentrated sulfuric acid on sugar), you get an interesting pattern (Rachel made this cool thing with a large devil or troll leaning against a red chimney). And then I woke up.

Dreams are so much fun! :-)

*I was trying to find a website to describe what I'm talking about here. It's a trick where you roll up a paper towel into a column & lightly tape it. Then you light the top of it on fire. It burns down to just a bit of charred towel, which floats up higher & higher. When I first saw this trick, it was a lady at a B-WISER camp doing this (Amy, correct me if I'm wrong - I'm pretty sure it was Lisa). She called it a Martian Rocket and she told a story about how the Martians did everything backwards - the lit the top of their rocket & yet they were finally able to get off the ground anyways. So I've always thought of these as Martian Rockets.
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