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Tandoori Treen

No, I haven't gotten myself a Tandoori oven (for those sisters of mine who wondered...) But I did cook mom & dad Tandoori chicken (of a sort). I have a Tandoori seasoning that I got when I bought some really good curry powders from The Spice House. Last night, I mixed the seasoning, nonfat plain yogurt, red wine vinegar, and water and marinated 10 skinned chicken legs with it. (Do you know how hard it is to skin drumsticks???) Today, I cooked the drumsticks, made some brown Basmati rice (tossed in some of my favorite seasonings for the heck of it), cut up a fresh mango, and grilled some flat bread to be some semblance of naan bread. Mom steamed broccoli to be our veggie, oh, and I grilled (greaseless) some onion slices for decoration & flavor to sit on the chicken. The folks arrived around 6:20 but, as usual, I didn't quite have everything ready. Oh! Forgot the appetizer - spicy lentil pot (left over from when I made it & froze it in January).

Anyhoo, eventually I got everything together and we watched Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow while we ate. (Yeah, yeah, Bend It Like Beckham would have been more appropriate, but I already showed that to mom). Leo enjoyed the company. He got some pleasant scritching from mom & some chicken to eat & people to look at him while he sat on the coffee table. The folks enjoyed the movie (as did I - still amazed at the visuals of it). And a good time was had by all. :-)

Earlier today, judiang and I created new heroes for City of Heroes so that we could play together. (There's no way Icy Hot Man will ever come close to Magyss in level, so we needed a pair for when the two of us want to play together.) I created Dominic Blue, a spines/invulnerable mutant scrapper. Judi created Ambrozia, an empathy/dark blast mutant defender. So basically, we've got a healer, blaster, scrapper & tank in just the pair of us. When we started playing together, we discovered we're a kickass team. Well, OK, so we did get killed once, but that was cuz we were stuck in the Industrial Park in Atlas, surrounded by orange, pinks & reds. (We discovered that going to hospital gets one out of the Industrial Park rather well.)

It's really cute to see the pair of us. Dom is a huge black man. Amb is an itty bitty woman. I don't have any screen captures of Judi's character yet, but here is my character:

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