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10 Things Meme

For lack of something better to post tonight, I'm going to try to come up with a list of 10 things that I've done that you probably haven't done:

1. Taught kids from ages 9 to 90. (my only claim to fame)
2. Got a teddy bear the week before you were born and still have it 34 years later. (sleep with it, for that matter)
3. Taken your teddy bear to Australia, New Zealand, and London.
4. Built a come-back can which was in first place throughout the entire contest - until the last minute when one person beat it. (Yeah, I'm stretching here...)
5. Flew to Australia & New Zealand to stay with people you'd never met before. (Hmmm, might have some folks who have done this too.)
6. Given friend a free CoH sample only to watch her get more than 5 levels above self within a frickin' week!
7. Put hundreds of photos of Sylvester McCoy into binders using little photo triangles to keep them in place. (Sad, sad fangurl here.)
8. Dreamt about Colin Baker trying to seduce you (and got all oogied out cuz, geez, the guy is happily married!)
9. Took a team of physics students to the TEAMS competition and watched them come in first place. Twice.
10. Sang at a choir competition and nearly passed out between songs. (really bad flu that day - hope it hasn't happened to anyone on my flist.)

OK, I was reaching often there. At least I didn't resort to "watch Leo clean his butt while you typed up this entry." ;-) (Of course, I didn't do this, because it didn't happen. He is, however, sitting on the desk now, looking like he owns all this shit.)
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