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Random (holy?) thoughts...

So I'm walking home from the library (where I was at an alumni committee meeting) and passing through the alley between the Brethren in Christ parsonage and the United Church of Christ church and thought "this would be the ideal place to get mugged!" I mean, who would think to mug someone between a parsonage & a church?

I didn't get mugged, thankfully... And I wonder, why is the parsonage for the BiC next to the UCC, and the parsonage for the UCC across from the BiC? That's puzzled me for years. Why don't they just trade? And you know, I have no idea where the parsonage for the First Brethren Church is. Actually, I don't know exactly where the Church of the Brethren parsonage is, but I know it's very close to the CoB. And does the Assembly of God (or whatever it's called) church have a parsonage? If so, where is it? (When I was in kindergarten, we had class in the basement of that church. It's right across the street from the school.)

You know, we have a LOT of churches in our small 1/4 mile x 1/4 mile town. And where do I go to church (when I don't go to the Church of the Heavenly Fluffy Pillow)? All the way to New Madison (a 30+ minute drive away) First Universalist Church (a Unitarian Universalist church - one of two in that county.)
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