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"At least I've got my spatula!"

My sister's probably the only one reading this who will get the subject of my post. No matter... I picked it 'cuz today I bought 2 Calphalon spatulas (small & large) and a 4qt Calphalon covered saucepan. Kohl's was having a sale (as they usually do) on their Calphalon cookware *and* you also got 15% off when you used your Kohl's credit card. So I decided to buy the items. Mom, meanwhile, bought the 12-piece Calphalon set (nonstick hard-anodized aluminum - the only way to go IMO) and got a free 4qt Dutch oven, too. I wanted the Dutch oven as well, but it was $10 more than the saucepan, and I *really* needed the saucepan.

I had a lovely day out with the 'rents this morning. First Curves for mom & me, then Home Depot where the folks bought the replacement bits to repair their shower stall. Then onto Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. (In keeping with the Dutch theme, that's how we paid...) I had steak & coconut battered shrimp. Amazing how tasty shrimp can be when you let coconut bash it to death. Finally, we finished up at our Kohl's shopping spree.

Once I was home, Leo and I sat in the reading room and I finished a book (Weighing the Soul by Len Fisher). But then we both fell asleep in the comfy chair with the sleepytime music playing. I'm up now, however, and I think I'll go play a bit more City of Heroin.

I love having a day off work!
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