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Treen & Leo Day

On my way out to Lowe's & Meijer this morning (with dad) I promised Leo that when I got back, we'd have a Treen & Leo day and do laundry and play with Leo's favorite toys. So I did just that. He's got this one toy that flies like a bird and he played with it so hard today that it was several minutes before he got his breath back. He was then too tired to play with his Gone Fishin' toy which he got for Xmas (and subsequently got a replacement for when he tore the first to pieces). Both of these toys stay in the linen closet until we're ready to play with 'em. If not, they'd be in little bits by now.

The best part about the laundry day is that clothes now take 1 hour to dry. Not an hour and a half. Or four hours. Nope, just 1 hour. Yay! Let's hear it for cleaning the lint out of the vent!

BTW, I never did receive the blackmail money from judiang, so I guess I should out her as saying the following: "Well, yes, I do think there is certain puppyishness about those droopy eyes...." to the question "Do you think Sylv is cute?"

I shall miss the money, but shall enjoy the virtual fwaps when she reads the above paragraph. :-)

BTW, the end of Treen & Leo Day is going to be some quality reading time in the Reading Room in our big green reading chair. Leo's currently sitting on the gold chair here in the den. I love my cat. :-)
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