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Surprise Retirement Party

Tonight, after the long, long night that is Parent/Teacher conferences, we had a surprise Retire-Rehire party for our superintendent. He's been in the education biz for 30 years and we found it frugal, as a school, to let him retire and then rehire him. He gets a boatload more money in the deal too (since he's now drawing his retirement).

So, everyone gathered in the media center before 7pm (there was to be a board meeting at 7:30) and chatted and waited. Many of the staff were present and quite a few of the super's former colleagues were present as well. And shortly after 7pm, one of the board members got him down to the media center early so we could all shout "surprise!" as he entered. He was truly surprised, and rather speechless. He opened his gifts (nice clock, several gag gifts regarding fishing, Texas Hold'em poker, and Big Dawg, his nickname from last year), then we cut the cake and had snacks. I et some vanilla cake with lots of icing (yum) and had some lovely pond scum punch (you know, punch with frozen sherbet melting in it) and then headed on home.

Alas, we don't have tomorrow off (I guess we're getting Good Friday off in its stead) but it is jeans Friday AND payday, so I'm glad about that. And we have a 3 day weekend - woohoo! I'm thinking I could use some Indian Fud this weekend.
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