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Friends don't let friends play City of Heroes...

So, for Valentine's Day, the City of Heroes folk sent e-mails around to their users (good use of the word here) telling them to invite a friend to try the game out for free for 14 days. Now, judiang is the woman who introduced me to the wonderful world of MMORPG (when I foolishly bought her Diablo II for Christmas one year). So of course, I thought that she should get the invite.

What have I done? I've created a monster! Or rather, a hero! It's been loads of fun playing with her (her current hero is now level with Icy Hot Man - I expect her to be at level 10 by the time I see her tomorrow. Then she can sidekick me and I can help her along as best I can.)

City of Heroes is basically crack in electronic form. See, they get you with the cool graphics & the neat-o beat-em-up action. And then they take your money away every month. And what I've done to Judi is given her a free sample, but she'll probably get hooked and will have to buy the monthly fix. Sorry, Judi! I'm a bad, bad friend!

(This just goes to prove to me that I should NEVER buy World of Warcraft! One crack addiction is bad enough, I don't want to add heroin to the mix!)
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