Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

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Hark! Odd Dreams Ahoy!

So, the previous night I dreamt that one of my co-workers was an android on the run from the government and I was trying to help him stay one step ahead of the feds...

Last night I dreamt I was working as a go-fer on a Hollywood film (that was being shot in England or somewhere else abroad) during my summer months. They paid a lot more than I get paid for my summer work (of fixing the computers up for the next school year). And I was afraid the shooting would go into the school year, but the director (who resembled my old principal Dr. Peg McAtee) said that they'd pay me well to stay on. Ah, the dilemmas! :-)

I don't usually remember enough of my dreams, but when I do, the dreams are always, well, memorable. :-)
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