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Gaming Day

Today is a nice day to goof off and play with my games. Mostly I've been playing City of Heroes and getting Icy Hot Man up to level 7. Even better, gordon_r_d's Spitfyre invited me to join the British Bulldogs SuperGroup. So IHM now has a second uniform to wear. You can see his main costume here.

Icy Hot Man of the British Bulldogs
Icy Hot Man's new outfit.

Thanks Gordon - hopefully we can get a game in together sometime! :-)

Now, I haven't just been playing CoH today. I've also been redownloading all of my Real Arcade games (since I've yet to do that from reinstalling Win98SE several months ago). They're raising the price of the GamePass monthly subscription (AKA, my Game of the Month club) in March (or April?) and I've decided to leave GamePass. At least for now. I've gotten 22 (counting the one I've yet to pick for February) "free" games from them since I joined. Gee, that would mean I've been a member for nearly 2 years! (For $7 a month, you get 1 free download of any game they have, plus discounts on their other games. I was in it for the "free" games, myself.) Of the 22, there's probably 5 to 8 that I love to play. A few that I sometimes play. And a few that I probably shouldn't have downloaded, but there ya go. Oh yeah, and the price they're raising to? Well, only a buck more a month... So it's not like it's evil or anything. But there aren't that many games I'm interested in downloading anymore. Perhaps when even more new games show up, I'll re-up my GamePass.

This morning, I also went to Curves and Walmart. Then off to Tokyo Peking to get dad and I General Tso's (with egg roll, crab rangoon, and hot & sour soup) for lunch. We watched last week's episode of Monk and then went off to Tipp City in search of stained glass. (He and mom make stained glass items - actually, mostly him - since they took a class on it together sometime last year.)

So all & all, a fine day for Trinas. (And Bachelor Dad, for that matter.) Hoping that Mom is off having fun with Amy & Rachel! (We figure they're having a ball together.) Tomorrow, dad and I are off to New Madison Unitarian Universalist Church cuz he's preaching. And I'll probably just goof off the rest of the day too. I love a good Goof Off weekend. (All weekends should be, you know?)
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