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Friday Ramble

Re: Yesterday's Blackmail. To make the person being blackmailed sweat a little. I will admit that said person is on my flist... But isn't: akadriver, elsaf, kiri_l, michaellee, rustyverse, or versaphile, to name a few...

Remember, $100, unmarked bills, paypal account... ;-)

In other news: Sylvester McCoy is currently touring the UK in a production of Arsenic & Old Lace. It's playing all over the country, so if you're there, look for it in a nearby theatre. He's playing a part that I know all too well - Dr. Einstein. (The part that I played in my HS production of it.) I do wish I could get over to see it, but it doesn't look financially viable at this time. Alas! Thus far, I've only found one review of it, and Sylv wasn't flattered by it. (Actually rather unusual, since he's usually praised for his stage work.) Still, it's early in the production and that's just one reviewer's opinion.

The Seventh Doctor and Ace have recently been added to the BBC Cult Galleries, I discovered tonight. There are quite a few pictures of Sylv there now. And lots of other Who notables, too. My particular favorite would be this one (from That Circus Episode of Doctor Who.) There are a couple different ones in the Sophie Aldred Gallery, so be sure to check there as well.

I need inspiration for another Sylv LJ icon... Suggestions on a post card, please, sent to this address:


Tonight's a new Monk - yay! I think I'm gonna watch it "live" and eat graham crackers w/ chocolate frosting between them and a tall glass of milk. Mmmm!

Trina Short, scatterbrain, signing off!
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