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Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

Firstly, a celebration of dehydration - I think I finally unplugged my dryer - yay! While talking with dad about it last night on the phone, he mentioned using a buret brush to try and get further down in the dryer. I actually had thought of that some time ago, but couldn't remember where my buret brushes were stored. I found a nice big black beaker brush which I brought home and had been using to help clean out the vent. Of course, weeks passed and I saw my buret brushes in the lab and thought "Oh! There they are!" but didn't think to take one home. Today, however, I took one home and punched through from the top where the lint filter is and from the bottom where the connection to the outside vent is. Then I ran it shortly without being hooked to the outside and a whole slew of lint blew out. Yay! I swept up the lint, rehooked it to the outside, and made my second attempt at drying my jeans. After just 20 minutes, they were noticibly drier.

Secondly - Mardis Gras! I used to give up things for Lent when I was younger. (We're not Catholic, but we still celebrated Advent and Lent.) I don't do that anymore, but I still celebrate Fat Tuesday. And so do my folks. Mom called to invite me out to eat for supper tonight. Woohoo! For those of you who celebrate either (or both) Fat Tuesday or Ash Wednesday, I hope you had/have a wonderful celebration!
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