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The Continuing Saga of the Joys of Home Ownership

My clothes dryer is being inefficient. I'm 99% convinced it's because of the vent being clogged by lint. Dad and I fiddled with the tube that goes outside, but I think we've cleared that out pretty well. So it's just a matter of getting rid of the blockage in the dryer itself. I was down in the basement today trying to get rid of the blockage. And I've got a load in the dryer now attempting to get dry. (It's basically like a sauna when I open it - lots of heat, lots of moisture. Hence my conviction that air/moisture isn't venting.)

While moving the dryer out to fiddle with the back, I accidentally undid the external ground wire. I checked with dad (who is a qualified electrician, among his many talents) who said it was best if I unplugged the dryer before reattaching it. Of course, no actual plug - the dryer is hardwired in. No matter, it's hardwired directly to a circuit breaker. So I turned off the circuit and reattached the ground wire. It's times like that when I realize that I actually am growing up. :-) (Yeah, Trina, you're 34, you'd better be growing up!)

I'm just hoping that I've sorted out the vent blockage because the next step is to pay for a repairman to fix it. And if that won't work, buy a new dryer. (Isn't that the way - get your tax rebate & suddenly appliances decide they need fixing/replacing.)

As always, to keep me grounded in frivolity, Leo insisted that we play with one of his toys for 15 or so minutes. I love my cat - it makes being a grown up easier to bear. :-)
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