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First, before I write up tonight's post, I'll give you the answer for last night's post. As everyone who responded guessed, the answer is 8. Why figuring out the number of F's might be a challenge has to do with the word "of." When F is pronounced as a V, it isn't always recognized as an F. The real question should have been "how many did you count the first time versus the last time?" I must admit, the very first time I encountered that sentence, I was a bit low on the total...

So, onto tonight's post. Well, it's mostly about something that I purchased today, but which I won't get to enjoy until tomorrow at the earliest. After a few years of using alternative means, I've decided to finally get an MP3 capable CD player for my car's dashboard. I went to Best Buy and quizzed the hell out of the sales guy there and finally settled on the Pioneer DEH-P4600 In Dash CD/MP3 Player. They were having a sale and offering free installation on it. It was only $140, but after I paid for the 4 year service (I've had too many problems with MP3 players to stick with the standard factory warranty) and installation ingredients, it shot up past $200. I was expecting that, so no pain there. It would have been $50 more for installation had I not picked the one with the free installation.

Well, on the weekends, Best Buy does a "first come first served" installation service and they were behind by several cars. Since I was on my own, I couldn't leave the car for 4 1/2 hours and keep myself entertained in that time, so I decided to wait until tomorrow. I'll head in first thing tomorrow morning and see if I can get in early. If not, I'll schedule an installation time during the week. So I haven't had the chance yet to hear my new device at work. Still, being the geek that I am, as soon as I got home (after our family gathering tonight) I went online to see how my new device fairs. It's getting good reviews from epinions and ecousics. Yay! I done good! And paid the right price, it seems.

The family gathering, BTW, was round at Uncle Doug's. We had cheeseburgers, mac&cheese, banana salad, and other good eats (Aunt Charlene made a really good salsa). And I worked some on Uncle Doug's computer, trying to get rid of spyware and get his programs running faster. (Biggest culprit we've discovered is Norton's 2005 Suite! Go figure!) It was fun to see folks again.

Hopefully tomorrow, I can report on my new in-dash player. I've got tons of music to play on it already. :-)
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