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Ringing the Death Knell for SciAm Book Club

After botching up my joining the Scientific American Book Club, they've screwed up my latest order as well. They were advertising a "Buy One, get 10% Off! Buy Two, get 20% Off! Buy Three, get 30% Off!" sale, so I bought three books, expecting the discount. Of course, I was concerned when no discount showed up on the online page, but there was a disclaimer that discounts are not displayed on the online summary. Gee, that's really nice. So later, my account balance showed the non-sale prices. Being the concerned Trina that I am, I e-mailed them asking about the online balance, and the person e-mailed back that that doesn't always reflect the actual balance. Gee, that's even nicer! Shortly after that, I got my books, and the bill with them had the nonsale price as well. Fuckers.

So anyhoo, I immediately e-mailed them back saying that the bill didn't reflect the discount either. And waited for a response. And waited. And you know, the bill says if I don't pay by Feb 12, they'll tack on $4 to the already inflated bill. So I've e-mailed them yet again. I figure I'll get no response again, so I'll pay their damn bill and then quit their club.

They don't realize what a goldmine they could have had in me. I had 11 books already in my WishList with more to follow (cuz I am a book addict). But now I'll have to buy them from someone who actually plays straight with me. (I've printed off the list of titles so I can look for them in other places.)

So the moral is, if you receive a flyer from Scientific American Book Club, chuck it in the bin where it belongs!

The second moral is, don't let a book addict join a book club, ever! I mean, you wouldn't let an alcoholic join the Wine of the Month club, would you????
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