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Sad fangurl...

After a long discussion with shebit about my obsession infatuation with Sylvester McCoy, I decided that I needed an LJ icon with Sylv from The Last Place on Earth. The quandary cames when I realized that I've used up my 3 alloted icons. Solution? Pay for my LJ account. (Well, I was figuring on doing so anyhoo.)

To see the conversation, click here. I will admit, the icon isn't as sophisticated as some I've seen, but I figure I shall learn with time.

As for today - plans are afoot... It's cleaning day! Yay! (Or is that ergh?) Dishes are being washed, clothes are being washed (can't use the dryer until the dish washer is done - some eejit installed the dishwasher circuit on the 220V dryer circuit when my house was originally wired). I plan to reorganize my reading room and my den (a bit) and possibly even go through closets. Hey, anything to put off grading chemistry tests! (They're pretty ripe by now - it's been over a week since the kids took it.)
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