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Pimp Your Interests Meme

capriuni started a meme to get folks to share their rarer interests with people. Here are the instructions:

Go to your profile page, and click on three to five interests that you think might be obscure. If fewer than a dozen users turn up, that counts as truly obscure. So pimp those interests to your flist. Tell your friends what those interests are all about, and why you listed it, and why they might be interested, too. If you have a short interest list, or you don't have really obscure interests, write about the one "smallest" one on your list -- or just one you think is woefully underapreciated.

Then post these instructions, and pass it on.

Well, cuz I'm damned lazy, I used the InterestsRank Meme to figure out my rarest interests.

How common are trinalin's interests
books (218576)
cats (148743)
chocolate (123054)
computers (309133)
dvds (129436)
food (159398)
harry potter (147049)
lord of the rings (104180)
movies (640610)
music (975924)
reading (412756)
writing (405822)
cooking (94527)
eating (77824)
fantasy (72263)
games (53366)
mp3s (73307)
snow (79785)
sushi (55751)
theatre (54603)
traveling (78241)
beatles (21737)
buffy (29411)
chemistry (11166)
geeks (18402)
linux (15128)
monty python (46388)
physics (14609)
sci-fi (28120)
science fiction (36200)
teaching (15715)
terry pratchett (11766)
theater (29843)
babylon 5 (5821)
bicycling (2363)
diablo (2781)
discworld (5404)
doctor who (2406)
electronics (9117)
firefly (6956)
gay marriage (3103)
james marsters (6396)
monk (2576)
muppets (8414)
networking (3747)
open source (2291)
pet shop boys (2858)
roald dahl (3390)
rusted root (1604)
sluggy freelance (2208)
squirrel nut zippers (1280)
willy wonka (4618)
bonzo dog band (109)
campion (27)
chumbawamba (494)
columbo (328)
devil's panties (13)
dexter's lab (665)
eric idle (809)
glbt rights (540)
j. k. rowling (573)
lovejoy (39)
monkees (847)
neil innes (76)
paul mcgann (202)
peter davison (72)
peter falk (56)
pflag (443)
pmeb (15)
sylvester mccoy (45)
tomorrow people (90)
educational freeware (1)
ghost light (9)
smcsb (2)
station v3 (4)
the seventh doctor (7)

Enter username:

InterestRank was bought to you by _imran_ and

The majority of my minority interests all pertain to Sylvester McCoy, funnily enough. So I'll start with his (un)official fanclub:

SMCSB - The Sylvester McCoy Chocolate Sauce Brigade. The name origins are tied up in a rec.arts.drwho post which is hopefully lost in the annals of time (and if not, you've got something to blackmail kateorman with...) But basically, before the PMEB (Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade) came about, there was the SMCSB. Even if you're not into obsession like, me, you can be a member of SMCSB. We have a quiet mailing list at YahooGroups if you're interested. And you can be one of the few (there are currently 2 of us) with smcsb as your interest, too!

Educational Freeware - so far, I'm the only one who's indicated this as an interest. And probably the only one on my flist actually interested in this interest... Yes, I'm a cheap SOB, but our school has no money, so we need all the free stuff we can get. And there is some really good educational freeware out there. My personal favorite is TuxPaint. I think every elementary school computer in the world should have that program on it. It's so cute! (I even created an Indian Mascot stamp for our school installations...)

Station V3 - I've pimped this before, and I'll pimp it again. axonite has a fun webcomic that he does daily (color on Sundays). Station V3 is one of the farthest stations out, and things don't always go like clockwork there. (Still, could be worse, they could be Station Z7, which *is* pretty much the last out there. That's a MWF full-color comic he does that's spin off from the original.) Both comics are fun to read, and you should read them. Now.

So, go on, add these to your interests! You know you wanna! :-)

(And now, to thaw out my fingers before bedtime...)
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